Simply great tools for great marketers

Albi helps franchises and multisite businesses craft exceptional customer experiences through better, more informed marketing simplifying and automating the marketing mix.

Intelligent Data

Your entire organisation’s data in one place – finally. Gain a better understanding with a helicopter view of all your data with a single touch.

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Campaign Stacking

Albi allows you to develop hyper-relevant content once and push automatically across email, sms, landing pages, social media and more.

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Dynamic Landing Pages

Design your promotional landing pages once with dynamic content and send highly targeted campaigns to customers wherever they are.

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Smart Asset Management

Store, manage and push marketing material, templates and creative work to any stakeholder in a moments notice, with ease.

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You’re in good hands

Albi is the evolution of a tried and true platform trusted by millions of customers across Australia for over 15 years.

Smarter Marketing

Targeted personalisation without the creepy

Albi allows multi-location businesses at both a head office and local store level to craft, manage and activate marketing campaigns across email, sms, print, social media and dynamic landing pages with relevant and clever personalisation capabilities.

Albi’s precursor was proudly the first to ditch-the-list and built from the ground up on pure and open data segmentation allowing clients to generate campaigns based on attributes and tags rather than lists. But the real power in Albi’s segmentation capabilities is in the automation and integrations with third parties to seamlessly curate market segments from your own customer data without lifting a finger.

Targeted. Relevant. Automated. Without the creepy factor.

Proprietary Parent-Child Structure

Manage multi-location marketing with ease

Albi is a one-of-a-kind customer experience platform for franchise and multi-site businesses. After speaking with hundreds of franchise businesses throughout Australia, the common frustration between most is the struggle to keep communication across the organisation both on brand between locations while empowering franchise owners at a local level to develop local promotions with ease.

Albi’s proprietary parent-child hierarchy structure allows campaigns to be delivered at a local store level with custom permissions or at scale from head office. When paired with Albi’s clever feedback loop you’ll gain a never before seen look into your customers experience and habits.

With Albi, you’ll be better informed to make smarter marketing decisions.

Intelligent Data Management

Craft more meaningful marketing campaigns

Albi makes your customers feel more loved and more important.

Your customers, wherever they may be, are tired of generic and irrelevant marketing. They want to feel like you understand them, like you’ve thought about what matters most to them.

Our commitment to franchise owners is grounded with the continued development of a simple, easy to use platform designed to greatly reduce the reliance on manual tasks through a single, intuitive dashboard.

We embrace simplicity and efficiency to streamline the delivery of personalised and relevant marketing communications for multi-site businesses and franchise networks across the globe.

Simply great tools for great marketers.

Australian service and local support

Albi’s team of experts are online and on-shore for support whenever you need us.

Head Office

07 3666 1616

477 Boundary Street
Spring Hill Qld 4000

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High quality meets genuine service…

“If you are looking for an email platform and partner that truly understands retail and delivers exceptional service, look no further than the DigiChat team.

I had the pleasure of working with them for over 6 years and was continually impressed with their willingness to always go over and above, their system innovations and how easy it was to use.”